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    (1)What is the difference between forging and stamping?

    forging and casting the difference (1) casting: is the shape of the molten metal into a solid shape. Forging: It is a solid that converts a solid shape into another shape. Casting is like you play wax, you buy wax (scrap, or pig iron) and t

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    (4)automatic feeding system in metal forging machine

    As you know,therere many kinds of automatic material feeding system in forging machinery .And today,we will make professional discussion about C-frame press,closed-crank-press ,transfer press,high speed press.NC control material feeding dev

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    (3)cam controller in metal forging machine

    Cam controller is mostly important part of mechanical presses electric control system.During a whole operating cycle of mechanical press machine ,every working part of main and auxiliaries do have strict logical relationship,even the action

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    (2)Photoelectric Safety Device in metal forging machine

    . is Photoelectric safety deviceis means of setting invisible infrared ray light curtainin protected area between dangerous working area and operator.Once the operator happen to intercept the light curtain in protected area,control system w

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    How Press Manufacturer Deal with the Speed Down?

    Today ,we redactor who come from Haloong press machine is honor to talk about the speed down in press machine.As for long-playing working,speed down more or less,and working efficiency of operations came bad.And then,wed better to find out

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    The difference Between Firebrick Press Machine and Normal Br

    The difference between firebrick press machine and normal brick machine According to the difference of bricks produced by different machines, the machines are being given different names, such as paving brick machine, hollow brick machine,

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    Maintenance for Mechanical Parts in CNC Power Press

    For zhengzhou haloong machinery HLDS series electric screw press ,six suggestions about maintenance and repair as below: 1.Check the slide ,pressure plate and bolt if fastening 2.Check fastening nut and nut pressure plate if fastening 3.Che

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    Technology Promote Development of Press Machine Industry

    We country emphasize manufacturing industry to develop with high speed and give out privilege policy to support manufacturer.Respond to the national call,press manufacturer should catch the optimum opportunity to develop press industry as p

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    Difference between Screw Press and Precision Forging Machine

    Whether power screw press or forging press were wildly apply to forging industry.Butthey are assuredly two kinds of equipment and the difference as below: Automatic screw press also called as coining press,and were divided into Switched rel

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