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    Zhengzhou Haloong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established in 1980, and has been focusing on research, production and sales of refractory equipment for 36 years. Our products



  • Automatic material weighing and feeding system

    Automatic material weighing and feeding system

    Product Description: This system provides seamless docking for the modern intelligent industrial plant, realizes the daily report for brick model, unit
  • NC Servo Press(static type)

    NC Servo Press(static type)

    It is static pressure type press equipped with static screw-nut and static pressure bearing for producing various types of refractory bricks. Closed ty
  • NC Servo Press(normal type)

    NC Servo Press(normal type)

    Small start-up current has little impact on power grid.Energy-saving high to 55%.Stable running and quick response. Set the strike times, strike streng
  • Full-auto Refractory Brick  Line

    Full-auto Refractory Brick Line

    Working Principle The machine is composed of two main parts: the mild steel frame mounted with clamps for the flexible suspension rods, floor plates fo


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    we have more than 20 professional designers, including mechanical design, process design and electric equipment design.

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    We will supply the whole production line to our customers, including the design drawings (Plant layout, workshop layout,



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    Tata Steel close to keep its UK business

    Tata Steel is believed to be close to striking a deal with the UK government to keep its British steelworks rather than sell it off, which would secure the future of 11000 workers, UK media reports said on Friday.The India conglomerate is t

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    8 Little Known Facts about the Screw and screw press

    What do you know about the history of the screw? I knew little until this week when I read Witold Rybczynskis 2000 book One Good Turn, A Natural History of the Screwdriver and the Screw . Instead of doing a simple review, Ive compiled a lis


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    Problem analysis about hydraulic press

    Ok,welcome to haloong machinery,which focus on producing refractory brick machine,electric automatic press machine,cnc punch press,screw pressing machinery. whyis that Hydraulic press sometimes not work? Now let halong machinery to solve sp

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    How to lubricate the moving part of screw press

    Ok,welcome to haloong machinery,which focus on producing refractory brick machine,electric automatic press machine,CNC punch press,screw pressing machinery. When using screw press ,the moving parts need be lubricated all the times,to keep h

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