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  • Double roller crusher machine

    Double roller crusher machine

    Double roller crusher are typically used for medium,high hardness of the material,such as metallurgy,building,refractory material and other industrial
  • Jaw crusher

    Jaw crusher

    The jaw crusher consists of two jaws which usually called as moving jaw and Static jaw to forming a crushing chamber,this kind of jaw crusher were Wi
  • hot forging presses machine

    hot forging presses machine

    Product Description: haloong press machine were equipment with servo motor,electric oil feeding system,damping design,touching screen,safty grating,Hal
  • Friction Screw Press Reform

    Friction Screw Press Reform

    features of electric screw press machine after modification:servo motor driving directly;user can set the forming processing on the touch screen easily

About us

about haloong press manufacturer

    Zhengzhou Haloong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established in 1980, and has been focusing on research, production and sales of refractory equipment for 37 years. Our products




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    we have more than 20 professional designers, including mechanical design, process design and electric equipment design.

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    We will supply the whole production line to our customers, including the design drawings (Plant layout, workshop layout,



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    Refractory press machine is new star in machinery industry

    Refractories industry in recent years continue to be sought after, for it "point of stone into the" , is also a high efficient, energy saving, of CNC press machine machine. Halong mechanical CNC press machine are now produced

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    FAQ and Self-diagnosis about press machine to reduce cost

    Press machine is a kind of Universal forging punch press with Delicate structure,widely using and high efficiency.especially,press machine could be applied to cutting,Cutting, punching, blanking, bending, riveting and forming processes.


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    Pressing Machine reform to Improve the Working Efficiency I

    Whether Enhance the quality and Capacity or reduce Labor intensity of manual stamping line could be realized by fully automatic stamping line.To achieve the press machine and automation equipment, good communication and coordination of work,

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    Pressing Machine reform to Improve the Working Efficiency II

    1. Transformation of electrical components press machine automate the transformation of major electrical components, including ET200S, intermediate relays, key knobs, test switches, cables, safety relays and connection terminals.

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